Content Marketing

Did You Know Content Marketing Costs 62% Less Than Traditional Marketing?

Content is the most crucial aspect of your digital marketing journey. Your original and valuable content connects you with your existing as well as prospective consumers. Content Marketing is integral for driving actions, building long lasting connections with customers as well as communicating the brand’s message clearly. SavvyTree will help you create top notch and search engine optimised content that relates to your target audience and drives profitable customer actions.

Benefits Of Content Marketing

content marketing
content marketing

Types Of Content Marketing

  1. Blogs- Your blog is an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Interesting content is one of top three reasons for customers to follow a brand. Blogs use storytelling to capture the interest of the audience and thereby inform how one’s business can help them solve their problems. 

  2. Infographics- Infographics provide relevant information in a visually appealing manner. Combining graphics and text is an effective way to communicate your brand’s message clearly. It engages the audience by making them understand information about your business in a simplified manner.

  3. Videos-  Video is the most commonly used format in content marketing with spur of its consumption by the audience. Promotional videos and brand storytelling are bound to improve your brand's presence. Videos encourage social sharing which broadens your audience base besides increasing conversions and sales.

  4. Podcasts-  Podcasts have become the most engaging and young medium for content marketing. 80% of podcast listeners stay tuned in for most or all of the episodes they listen to. With the content marketplace being highly competitive, podcasts give an added advantage as they are not explored by all your competitors.

  5. Social Media - 94% of times, Social Media is used as a medium for content marketing. Social media posts encourage audience engagement and fulfill the majority of your business goals. Facilitating a strengthened connection, it has a direct influence and inspires the audience to take action.

Core Offerings

  1. Content Strategy- We plan an exclusive content strategy for your business based on our understanding of your company, objectives and the industry. SavvyTree will develop a customised content marketing schedule designed to help you achieve your goals.

  2. Content Development-After planning a suitable content strategy, SavvyTree will create a monthly content calendar for your business. A well researched and organised calendar will provide a hassle free experience to promote your brand by educating and adding value for the audience.

  3. Content Creation- Content creation is our forte at SavvyTree. With the expertise of our writers, designers and marketers, we will create different types of content for your business ranging from infographics, blogs, vidoes, creative posts for social media and more.

  4. Content Optimisation-The content created will be optimised keeping in mind the user intent and what they are searching for. We at SavvyTree will ensure that your quality content reaches the right audience in the search results.

  5. Content Promotion- In addition to content creation, we will promote your content in order to increase your brand awareness and reach larger audiences. SavvyTree will help you share your content via both paid and organic channels including pay per click advertising, influencer outreach, PR, social media and email marketing.

  6. Content Reporting-Our job doesn’t just end with creating and posting your content. We provide monthly performance analysis highlighting what works for your brand and future strategies for your business.  
content marketing

Why Choose SavvyTree

We will customise a content marketing strategy that suits your needs and caters to the customers. SavvyTree will ensure that our original content communicates your brand message effectively and help you engage with your audience.

Just like our name, our identity and personality are defined by the various colours of our logo representing the branches of digital marketing growth and together they communicate that when you collaborate with us we build you a tree rather than a long road.