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59% of smartphone users favour businesses with mobile sites or apps that enable them to make purchases easily and quickly.

E-commerce Savvytree

With majorly all purchasing decisions taking place digitally and customers researching their needs online, Ecommerce Marketing has become increasingly significant for your business’s growth. Ecommerce offers a platform to sell your products and services through a few clicks. With an optimised and well developed business website, you can offer your customers a convenient source for their requirements. Sort your Ecommerce strategy with SavvyTree.

Benefits of Ecommerce Marketing

Types of Ecommerce Marketing

  1. Social Media Marketing: Social media channels with shoppable features work really well to persuade customers into taking action. Facebook and Instagram shops can be a great way to showcase your product range and help your customers make buying decisions without leaving the platform.

  2. Content Marketing: Providing informative and relevant content increases customer understanding for your products and services besides improving your ranking on the search engines.

  3. Search Engine Marketing: With customers researching for every product online, it is important to be present on the search engines. Search engine marketing helps you reach the right audience in the right place.

  4. Email Marketing: Email marketing holds a valuable place when it comes to Ecommerce. With successful email campaigns, drive your sales and retarget your customers.
E-commerce Savvytree
E-commerce marketing

Core Offerings

  1. Ecommerce Website Development: Build a customised, user friendly website with SavvyTree that displays your products and services efficiently.

  2. Marketplace Listings: Create and improve your brand presence on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and accelerate your growth with us.

  3. Social Commerce: With an in-app shopping experience, social commerce can significantly benefit your business. Build your social commerce plan with us.

Why Choose SavvyTree

Leverage technology to transform your business and grow online. Our expert team will provide solutions that drive actions and help you accelerate your progress. Benefit from our experience and understanding of online marketplaces; build your Ecommerce business with SavvyTree.



  • Brand marketing & communication
  • Product ads/shopping ads
  • Product bloggers and influencers outreach
  • Video and images for better product experience
  • Brand storytelling
  • Campaigns launch
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  • Strengthening the presence
  • Ecommerce product upload and listing
  • Inventory Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SSL Certificate
  • Tech Support
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Our Packages

Our plans are customised according to your business needs and budget. We deliver quality services at affordable prices to build brands and branch success stories.

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