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Which social media platforms to look out for influencer marketing in India, 2021

2020 pushed organizations of different sorts and sizes to explore different avenues regarding advanced arrangements as all exercises from going to shows, and birthday celebrations to wellness meetings moved from the actual domain to computerized.

After the COVID-19-prompted lockdown, with TVC shoots on hold and individuals stuck at homes, brands understood that the influencer promoting model is appropriate in a period in which the crowd is searching for some motivation, looking through DIY recordings, learning new plans, or zeroing in on self consideration. This represented a decent chance for brands and influencers to draw in with their crowds with effective informing. Brands realigned their methodologies, opened up their spending plans for computerized media to use the rising interest for influencer advertising.

Let’s have a look at the social media platforms to watch out for in 2021 for influencer marketing


According to a study by Influencer Marketing Hub, 67% of respondents use Instagram for influencer marketing, but there has been a colossal increase in TikTok influencer marketing. This network relishes huge popularity among the general public, and marketers worldwide regard it as the most important social media platform for influencer marketing. According to a report by Statista, the spending on influencer marketing is estimated to be $8.08 billion in 2020. Today, Instagram ranks as the #1 most strategically important social media channel for influencer marketing.

Nearly 80% of the marketers are increasing their budget for influencer marketing. Sponsored marketing and ad marketing on Instagram is growing fourfolds with even politicians jumping in the fray. With the launch of IGTV Instagram is poised to capture even more users and ad dollars moving forward.
These numbers are growing at a fast pace and there’s no chance of stopping. Instagram has been successful in developing a thriving influencer community and providing valuable audience insights.

Thus, these statistics prove that Instagram is growing expeditiously and is an important platform to look out for influencer marketing.


Youtube has reported over 2 billion monthly logged in users in 2021 with a view time of billions of hours. There are over 50 million content creators on the platform which is just 5% of its total user base. It is also observed that Millenials tend to watch youtube 2 times more than traditional T.V. This is the reason YouTube is a platform to watch out for in 2021 for Influencer Marketing.

YouTube is a platform that is used the most by individuals to access videos uploaded by Real People, Brands, Companies and Institutions. It is very likely that the majority of users will take an action after viewing an ad on youtube. Therefore, the effectiveness of advertisement on YouTube is very high and thus marketers need to utilize videos uploaded by popular video creators, or influencers, to best reach their audiences on YouTube. It must also be noted that YouTube has creators from every possible niche. This diversity in its content increases its potential as a platform for influencer marketing in the present as well as in the coming future.


With over 2.80 billion monthly active users, Facebook has the most stretched outreach of any channel. Because of its huge crowd size, Facebook arrives at virtually all age socioeconomics, albeit younger crowds (like Gen Z) are starting to move away from the stage, as Instagram and YouTube are getting more attention. However, it is a fact that since its creation, Facebook has ruled the world of social media, and there’s no stopping the giant.

A huge number of influencers use Facebook as a subsequent channel, as opposed to their essential stage. That being said, it tends to be an important channel for enhancing an influencer crusade. Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer than standard recordings and can be utilized by top influencers to arrive at their fans in a crude and organic way.

Therefore, Facebook is also considered a potential platform for Influencer marketing which can enhance your marketing campaigns.



Blogs for the most part give admittance to a somewhat more established segment of 25-49-year-olds. Sites take into consideration more itemized, account, and long-structure narrating. Online journals are an incredible channel for advancing items or administrations that need inside and out clarification (for instance, through a point-by-point audit of a first-class thing like bedding), or for giving a more extravagant setting about novel parts of your image mission.Effectively supported blog entries can likewise construct organic traffic over the long haul.

Thus we must note that even though blogs do not have as much traffic as the above-mentioned social media platforms, they can be engaging to the readers and have a more organic and credible audience.


Twitter has over 350 million active users. Its audience is dominated by younger and middle-aged users. The real-time immediacy of the platform makes it a key tool for following influential creators. 61% of Twitter’s users follow a creator and has an organic engagement. As far as how influencers on Twitter work best with brands, the specialists tracked down that 93% of makers hope to cooperate with brands that need to hear their thoughts, and tap into their voice, empowering them to give valid substance and keep up crowd association in a certified manner. Although the number of users on Twitters are far less than Instagram or Facebook, the underlying fact is that the limited users have huge engagement which makes it a successful platform for influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing is very relevant at this point and every brand must have a definitive plan to keep up with these potential platforms. Perfect planning and execution of these campaigns can bring a change in your business. If you are looking for an option to create and execute your ideal influencer marketing Campaign, We at SavvyTree are here to help you formulate the same. Contact us for a free consultation.